SETITech School of Information Technology has launched a new computer training package of Computer Applications. The training will lead to an award of a Certificate in Computer Applications (CCA). Students are trained on how to use a computer and computer applications in an office, business or in a personal computing situation.

CCA is a beginner’s course that offers students the following;
  • An introduction to computer systems and Operating Systems 
  • Writing professional documents with Microsoft Word 
  • Organising numerical data using Microsoft Excel
  • Making presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Designing databases with Microsoft Access 
  • Designing beautiful graphics with Microsoft Publisher 
  • Using web technology for managing emails and search engines 
CCA will run for two months starting on 23rd November, 2015 up to 22nd January, 2016. It is a learner centered course with notice pamphlets. CCA gives a wide and vibrant variety of basic computer applications which have been carefully chosen to give any individual a good jump-start into computing.  

Target group: Anyone in need of basic computing knowledge i.e. students or professionals seeking more effective ways of getting work done.

Minimum admission Requirements: To be admitted for a course leading to the award of Certificate in Computer Applications, a candidate must know English.

Duration: 2 months (2 hours a day)
Venue: SETITech School of Information Technology, Kampala Makindye Luwafu
Program Sponsor: SETITechnologies Digital Communication
Tuition Fees: UGX 185,000, Tuition fee excludes notice pamphlets.

Certificate in Computer Applications (CCA)
Note: Individuals intending to attend the CCA course are advised to pay and register early enough before the commencement of the intake as admissions to intakes are on first-come-first-serve basis and there is a limit on the class size.

For more information please
Call; 0756 893013 or 0702 746220
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