Personal website for as low as Ugshs. 100,000

Personal website is a website created or designed to contain content of personal nature rather than on behalf of a company, organization or institution. A personal website is used for informative or entertainment purposes but can also be used for personal career marketing, social networking, or personal expression.

Setitech web builder indents to announce to you the introduction of this version of a website built at only a hundred thousand Uganda shillings (100,000/=), and no more pay for hosting services. This means that once the website is done building and designed and you are satisfied, there will be no more payments unless the little negotiable fee of updating the website in case you need to edit , add or remove content.

From this day on, your website can be seen at ‘’ and will be visible to search engines.

Reasons why you need a personal website
 Who should have a personal website?

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